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Sabrina Sperduto

Digital Designer


Welcome to my portfolio site. I’m Sabrina, a digital designer from Long Island, NY. I graduated from NYIT with a BFA in Computer Graphics and I have 10+ years in the digital graphics space.

I have worked for numerous online e-comm companies and more recently larger e-comm companies such as Mattress Firm / SLEEPY’S (yes, The Mattress Professionals) and LensDirect.

Currently at LensDirect I am a Senior Web Designer in which I am in charge of overseeing all creative. Website redesign, website graphics, homepages, emails, sms, social media, display.. you name it. I also have experience in email marketing from designing, deployment and tracking analytics. 

I’m super passionate about design and am constantly inspired everyday by everything around me. 

Feel free to look around my site.

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